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Filet Mignon vs. Ribeye: Cuts & Cooking Comparison

Ask any steak lover what their favorite cuts are, and no doubt filet mignon and ribeye make the list. Juicy, flavorful and luxurious, both of these cuts of steaks have some similarities but several differences that set them apart. If you’re pondering what to pick up for the next time you fire up the grill, here’s what you need to know about these two delicious organic steaks. Difference in Cuts Filet mignon, or dainty strip in French, is a very tender cut of meat famous for its melt-in-your-mouth texture. It comes from the tenderloin, a muscle that doesn’t get used much, so it remains soft and has very little fat. Even though it has a bit of marbling, it is...

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Ribbonwire Ranch Beef Sticks: The Delicious and Nutritious Snack You Need to Try Today!

It's Time To Try a New Kind of Beef Snack Ribbonwire Ranch beef sticks are a one-of-a-kind snacking experience. They’re delicious, nutritious and created with quality in mind. Our ranch is a family-owned and operated Texas company providing quality organic beef. When choosing the right high-protein snack for you and your family, your main focus should always be on the quality. At Ribbonwire Ranch, we make convenient, tasty beef sticks using only the best ingredients. Our beef comes from cattle that are fed only the best, giving the highest quality to all our products.  Exploring the Savory World of Beef Sticks? Try All Three Flavors  You can find Ribbonwire Ranch beef sticks in three different flavor varieties. These flavors include...

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How Organic Beef Can Be Part of a Healthy and Sustainable Diet

The conversation about what is and isn't a healthy diet is constantly evolving. Sometimes, it's even conflicting. But one thing's for sure: what was once only about calories and cholesterol has expanded to include environmental considerations like sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Today, healthy isn't just about what you eat, but also where your food comes from and how sustainable the practices used to make it are. The nutritional benefits of organic farming and ranching, coupled with its role in creating a balanced and sustainable diet, make organic beef an excellent consideration for a healthy, sustainable diet. Organic Beef's Role in a Healthy Diet Is organic beef part of a healthy diet? New research says yes. Organic beef provides high-quality, lean...

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Upgrade Your Steak Game With These Five Primal Cuts

Grilling season is just around the corner, so it’s time to heat your grill and stock your fridge with your favorite steaks from Ribbonwire Ranch. Meat lovers know that each cut has its own characteristics and flavor profile that make it unique. Here’s the scoop on some of our organic, grass-fed favorites to help you choose what to throw on the grill this season. Ribeye: A Full-Flavored Favorite The ribeye is one of the most popular cuts because of how tender and juicy it is. Versatile enough for weeknight dinner or entertaining guests, a ribeye is a steak you should always have on hand. It’s cut from the beef rib and can be purchased bone-in or boneless. You’ll notice that...

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The Importance of Cattle Nutrition

Excellent beef starts with happy and healthy cattle. Just like humans, cows need a diverse and hearty diet. Providing cattle with proper nutrition is essential both for the animal’s quality of life and for the quality of the beef. As ranchers, the importance of cattle nutrition integrates into our daily lives, but we realize that our community of butchers, grill masters and steak connoisseurs might not be as familiar. Here, we will break down the core tenets of cattle nutrition and how it supports the quality of meat and the sustainability of beef ranching. Why is Cattle Nutrition Important? Raising healthy cattle doesn’t just mean fattening them up. They need to live happy and healthy lives. Proper nutrition plays a...

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