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The Best Gift You Can Give, Beef

What gives a gift meaning? For many people, the best gifts create memories. Giving a premium organic beef gift box not only treats your clients or loved ones to high-quality cuts of beef, but it also gives the memories of several delectable meals.  1. A Sentimental Surprise  There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to an extra special ingredient. A fancy cheese or spice blend can elevate a meal and create memorable flavors. Take this to the next level by giving a box that will provide your recipient with several memories to savor. Since the gift boxes are delivered frozen, there’s no rush to fire up the grill immediately (though their mouths will probably be watering as soon as they open...

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Grain Finished: What Does It Really Mean?

When choosing premium beef, we know there can be some confusion about precisely what all the labels mean. Industry terms like “grass-finished” and “grain-finished beef” may not always be so clear to everyone, and knowing the differences can help when you’re looking for the highest quality meat to buy.  At Ribbonwire Ranch, all our beef is organic, grass-fed, and grain-finished. Today, we’ll look at precisely what it means for meat to be grain finished and the advantages it can have in taste and quality over grass-finished beef.  What is grass-fed beef? All cattle feed on grass for the majority of their lives. Therefore, the term “grass-fed” technically can apply to all beef production and doesn’t disclose anything about the quality...

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